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Of all the weather events that can damage your home’s roof, hail is among the most destructive. In our region of the country, it is not unusual to experience at least one or more significant hail storm each year. In the more violent of these, the hailstones generated can be golf-ball size or larger. If your home is unlucky enough to be in the storm path, your roof could be at risk of sustaining a significant amount of damage, damage that may not be apparent on the surface but that can lead to costly leaks and eventual failure over time.


Most commonly, the damage created by hail happens below the surface, under the shingles, on the roof decking. The force of impact that upon visual inspection might appear to have been absorbed by your shingles, may have split or cracked the deck. Moisture then seeps under your shingles and can not only lead to interior leaking, but it can rot the deck, requiring it to be completely replaced.


If you suspect your roof may have been compromised by hail, either from a recent storm or as a result of damage incurred in the past, contact the roofing experts at Southeastern Premier Roofing. We’ll conduct an on-site inspection to determine if repairs or replacement are necessary. 



Even the best roofs are subject to the ravages of Mother Nature. In fact, here in the Southeast, there are a variety of naturally occurring organic hazards that can undermine the overall quality and long-term effectiveness of your roof. Four of the most common of these are mold, mildew, moss and algae. Over time, the build-up of moisture and humidity in the atmosphere can cultivate the growth of parasitic plant life that can compromise the ability of your roof to seal out the elements.  


Additionally, caustic elements introduced into the atmosphere from industrial and commercial sources can also impede how your roof performs over time. Airborne elements such as exhaust fumes, factory fumes, and other airborne industrial waste can leave deposits on your roof that can eventually cause it to degrade and fail.


Attempting to remedy these conditions on your own is a risky proposition. Chemicals required to clean organic and industrial sediment from your roof, if not applied properly, can lead to more damage than it repairs. An inspection by a member of the Southeastern Premier Roofing team is your best bet for evaluating the current condition of your roof. And if repairs or replacement are warranted, we can provide detailed estimates prior to the start of any work.



High seasonal winds can wreak havoc on residential and commercial roofs. The damage that wind can cause to a roof is not only a result of force and velocity, it can also be caused by flying debris: tree limbs; airborne objects like uprooted signs, poles and fencing; broken glass; materials sheared from neighboring structures; virtually anything the wind can pick up and carry can often cause impact damage greater than the force of the wind itself.


The effect of high winds travelling across a roof surface is also not consistently distributed. Corners and exposed edge lines generally take the brunt of the impact. Once these areas are exposed and lifted, the undersides of your shingles are exposed to rain and to continual re-lifting during subsequent storms. The result is a degrading of the integrity of the roof over time.


Just as with assessing damaging after a hailstorm, identifying damage as a result of a wind event can be difficult for the untrained eye. The damage is often not apparent on its face. So, it’s a wise idea to engage a trained expert to inspect your roof if you suspect it may have been compromised. The professionals at Southeastern Premier Roofing are the guys to call.

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