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Just because hail season is over doesn't mean you don't have roof damage.

Hail season is over, but that doesn't mean the attack on your aging roof is. As your roof ages, it loses the ability to flex and fend off high winds and strong rains. High winds can lift and tear off aged shingles and force rain under them. This leads to leaks that are hard to trace because where the leak is located in your roof generally isn't where it manifests itself on your ceiling or down your walls.

This is where we come in, with a free roof evaluation we can determine whether or not your roof is in need of a replacement, or find that leak that has you perplexed.

There are still plenty of storms on the horizon, and the last thing you want is a leak. So give us a call today and we'll be out to assess your roof and give you the information you need on how your roof is holding up, this is even more important if you've had hail in your area recently.

Oh, and ask about our 40 year upgrade shingle which is impervious to hail.

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